Meeting venue in Istanbul


Inaugurated in Istanbul’s central district Etiler in 1993, Akmerkez continues to be the ideal address for a pleasant time-out and the most popular meeting venue in the city thanks to its elegant mix of brands and stores, shopping, entertainment and culinary options... Introducing several innovations marked with meticulous details for upholding the comfort of its guests, it welcomes elegant members of the business, arts, culture and entertainment world. Situated on eight floor four of which are shopping center floors and the remaining four are parking lot floors, Akmerkez offers services with 3 interconnected atriums, 2 office blocks of 14 and 17 floors respectively, a residence block of 23 floors and approximately 150 stores. Situated right at the heart of Istanbul, Akmerkez is easily accessible to all visitors thanks to the bus station in front of the building as well as the Subway station which is in walking distance. The “Akmerkez” concept originated with the collaboration of Akkök, Tekfen and İstikbal groups, all of which are pioneers in their respective industries, in order to attain the same goal. In 2014, Klepierre Group became one of the investment partners of Akmerkez.

The goal indicated above was to revolutionize the concept of “shopping center” for Istanbulites by offering multiple options in the same venue while also creating upscale living spaces for elegant members of the business world. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of those groups, Akmerkez was inaugurated in Etiler, one of the busiest districts in Istanbul on December 18, 1993.

The remarkable success attained through the vision of founders of Akmerkez Shopping Center did not go unnoticed by various prestigious institutions even in its early years. In that respect, the shopping center was named as the Best Shopping Center in Europe by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) in 1995. Only one year after that, it was recognized as the Best Shopping Center in the World by receiving “ICSC International Design and Development” award, which marks the highest recognition awarded in this category. As the first shopping center to receive both awards simultaneously, Akmerkez set a precedent for its competitors thanks to its structural and design quality as well as its brand mix appealing to elegant tastes.

Contemporary design and high service quality…

Akmerkez offers a wide range of services as a multi-purpose venue with residence and office functions as well as a shopping center. Thanks to its central location, structural and design quality, and its huge complex of buildings covering a triangular area of 180 thousand sqm, it enriches the urban life since its inauguration. Through its automated building, HVAC, public address and state-of-the-art security systems, and the housekeeping, security, maintenance and management services provided by approximately 250 employees, Akmerkez Shopping Center provides its guests with a modern, peaceful, comfortable, and clean environment. It is comprised of eight floors with 3 interconnected atriums, four of which are dedicated to shopping floors while the remaining four floors are allocated to a parking lot with a capacity for 1,255 vehicles. Visitors are able to complete their shopping trips without wasting time and energy thanks to 45 escalators and 28 elevators of which two are panoramic and the rest are passenger and service elevators.

Distinguished as the first shopping center to receive both Europe’s Best Shopping Center and The World’s Best Shopping Center awards, Akmerkez sets a precedent for other shopping centers thanks to its contemporary design and high service quality.

A center of life that is far beyond a shopping center…

Dedicated to renewing its store mix continually based on the results of regular customer research activities, which helped it to attain a success rate of hundred per cent for store rentals for long years, Akmerkez offers services to its visitors through several domestic and international brands between 10:00 and 22:00 on weekdays.  It offers a center of life which goes far beyond a shopping center thanks to a wide variety of cultural and arts events. In addition, Akmerkez is recognized for the value it contributes to the society by undertaking various social responsibility activities based on its principle to invest in the future.

Having achieved the goal of being the “best shopping center in the world” thanks to its innovative management concept, Akmerkez continues to lead the industry by keeping up with the developments in international arena as well as the needs of the industry.

Akmerkez introduced a new digital solution meant to facilitate the life of its visitors by launching Akmerkez Mobile Application. The application offers a number of digital solutions ranging from valet services to parking lot payments, event calendars and special offers.

Akmerkez continually renews itself in order to turn shopping into a pleasant experience for all. This applies to both human beings and our quadruped friends. Pet parents can make a comfortable and hygienic shopping trip thanks to our special pet stroller service.   

Akmerkez: Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Living

Akmerkez not only offers an exquisite experience which is far beyond the promise of a shopping center but also takes the leadership when it comes to sustainability. Akmerkez makes a commitment to sustainability and assumes a pioneering role by means of several projects, collaborations and studies.

As part of this vision, Akmerkez launched “Agriculture on Terrace” project in an area of around 750 sqm in 2017 in order to prove that it is possible to cultivate crops in urban areas without using chemicals.

Akmerkez received I-REC International Renewable Energy Certificate granted by International Renewable Energy Certificate Standard (IRECS) headquartered in the Netherlands as a result of its focus on using sustainable energy. This certificate motivates Akmerkez to reduce its carbon emissions arising from electric energy to zero by meeting its estimated energy demand of 6000 MWh from DORA3 geothermal power plant in 2022.

As a result of BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) assessment conducted for a number of criteria, Akmerkez was deemed worthy of BREEAM certificate corresponding to the level of excellence. This assessment certifies the outstanding achievement of Akmerkez in terms of structural performance and building management.

Akmerkez is an outstanding center of life that is known for its leadership and pioneering role in sustainability in addition to its reputation as a shopping center.

Tens of awards in 30 years

Having received several distinguished awards at significant international platforms since its inauguration, Akmerkez was deemed worthy of “Interior Design 5 Star” award for the successful renovation of its interior design at Europe & Africa Property Awards 2010, organized under the International Real Estate Awards. The project concept was created by “Concept-i Corporate”, a globally renowned design firm.

After I was redesigned by Aziz Sarıyer, a world renowned designer, in 2015, Akmerkez breathed new life into Nispetiye Street. It received 13 international awards and launched “Üçgen Teras” project in the same year. Then, in 2016, it received 18 international awards in total.

In 2018, in addition to receiving nine awards, Akmerkez took an innovative step for the industry to launch a store where Instagram posts replaced currency for the first time in Turkey and the world. Then, in 2019, it received 8 international awards for “Givin Yard Sale Store” project which turned an online donation platform into a real store inside a shopping mall for the first time in the world.  

Far beyond a mall; a living center…


Akmerkez, which constantly renews its store mix with regular customer surveys and has had a hundred percent store rental rate for many years, offers its visitors distinguished national and international brands under the same roof between 10.00-20.00 on weekdays due to the pandemic. Beyond a shopping mall, Akmerkez creates a living space by organizing cultural and artistic events. In addition to all these, the social responsibility activities carried out with the principle of investing in the future have made Akmerkez an important brand that adds value to society.


Having achieved the goal of “becoming the best shopping mall in the world” with its innovative management approach, Akmerkez continues its leadership with its pioneering activities, closely following changes in the international platform and the needs of the sector. Akmerkez has adopted the principle of maintaining the successful picture that it has drawn with its superior performance in the sector to the future.