Meeting point of Istanbul


Opened in 1993 in Etiler, the center of Istanbul, Akmerkez continues to be the preferred address of a pleasant experience and the most popular meeting point of the city with its distinguished brands and stores, shopping points, entertainment facilities, and eating and drinking areas. Leading the way in many areas with carefully thought-out details for the comfort of its guests, it brings together business, art, culture and entertainment under its exclusive roof. Akmerkez, which has 8 floors, four of which are used for shopping and four for car parking, serves its guests with 3 atria, 2 office blocks, one 14-floor and one 17-floor, a 23-floor residence building and 160 stores. Located in the heart of Istanbul, Akmerkez offers ease of transportation to all its visitors thanks to the bus stops in front of it and its walking distance to the metro stop.


The idea of “Akmerkez” was born when Akkök, Tekfen and İstikbal groups, each of which leads different sectors with the innovations they bring to their respective field, came together around the same goal. The goal was to create a structure that will both provide the residents of Istanbul with many opportunities by changing the concept of “shopping mall” fundamentally and to offer a qualified living space in all aspects to distinguished members of the business world. Thus, with the joint venture of the groups, Akmerkez opened on 18 December 1993 in Etiler, one of the busiest districts of Istanbul.


The success achieved by the founders of Akmerkez Shopping Mall thanks to their forward-looking strategies has been appreciated by reputable institutions in the early years of its establishment. In 1995, the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) named Akmerkez the Best Shopping Center in Europe and a year later the Best Shopping Center in the World, and it was also the recipient of the “ICSC International Design and Development Award”, the most significant award given in this category. The fact that it is the first shopping mall in the world to receive both of these awards has made Akmerkez a model for other shopping malls with its construction and design quality and its stores that appeal to outstanding tastes.


Outstanding service concept in the space with award-winning design…


Having received many distinguished international awards on several platform since opening in 2010, Akmerkez was awarded “Interior Design 5 Star” at the Europe&Africa Property Awards 2010 organized within the scope of the International Property Awards for its successful interior space renovation works in 2010. The concept of the project was prepared by “Concept-i Corporate” design company, which has an international reputation and numerous awards.


Akmerkez combines residence and office functions with the shopping mall and offers a wide range of services to its visitors. Its location in the center of the city, its quality of construction and design, its giant complex located on a triangular area of 180 thousand square meters, have added richness to city life since its establishment. The primary objective of Akmerkez Shopping Mall is to provide visitors with a contemporary, peaceful, comfortable and clean environment building automation, air conditioning devices, music, modern security systems and cleaning, security, maintenance and management services provided by approximately 250 personnel. Four floors of the eight-floor building, which contain 3 atria connected to each other by main walking roads, are used for shopping, and the other four floors are used for indoor parking with a capacity of 1,255 vehicles. 28 elevators, two of which are panoramic and the others open to pedestrians and service, and 45 escalators allow the entire mall to be navigated tirelessly and without losing time.


Akmerkez, which achieved a first by receiving the awards for the Best Shopping Center in both Europe and the world, is a model for other shopping malls with its modern design and superior service approach.



Far beyond a mall; a living center…


Akmerkez, which constantly renews its store mix with regular customer surveys and has had a hundred percent store rental rate for many years, offers its visitors distinguished national and international brands under the same roof between 10.00-20.00 on weekdays due to the pandemic. Beyond a shopping mall, Akmerkez creates a living space by organizing cultural and artistic events. In addition to all these, the social responsibility activities carried out with the principle of investing in the future have made Akmerkez an important brand that adds value to society.


Having achieved the goal of “becoming the best shopping mall in the world” with its innovative management approach, Akmerkez continues its leadership with its pioneering activities, closely following changes in the international platform and the needs of the sector. Akmerkez has adopted the principle of maintaining the successful picture that it has drawn with its superior performance in the sector to the future.