Akmerkez was the recipient of a total of 10 distinguished awards in 2018.

Like Store: With the project where all purchases are paid with likes on Instagram,

  • Silver Award in the social media category for “Communication - PR Campaign of The Year” at Stevie Awards

 Farming on The Terrace Project:

With the Farming on The Terrace Project, which was implemented to support sustainable farming in modern urban life:

  • 5 Awards at Hermes Creativity Awards
  • Silver Award in the environment category for “Communication - PR Campaign of The Year” at Stevie Awards
  • Silver Award in the Corporate Social Responsibility category at ICSC
  • First Prize in the Sustainability/Operational category at Yıldız Akköklüler Awards

 Outdoor Cinema: Akmerkez was awarded the Design Award at the Hermes Creativity Awards with the promotional poster of the project.


Akmerkez was the recipient of a total of 14 distinguished international awards in 2017.

Kings Club: With the “Kings Club” specially designed for the use of men as the club of refined tastes:

  • Silver Award at ICSC Solal Marketing Awards
  • Honorary Award at Hermes Creativity Awards


“Tell Your Love in Another Language”:   With the social responsibility project “Tell Your Love in Another Language” on February 14 Valentine’s Day, where the words of love are transferred to sign language:

  • Platinum Award in “Corporate Social Responsibility Program” and “Special Events” categories at Hermes Creativity Awards
  • A total of two awards, Bronze and Silver, in the Communication and PR Campaign of The Year categories at Stevie Awards
  • 1 Gold Award and 2 Honorary Awards in the “Strategic Communication-Special Event”, “Corporate Social Responsibility”, and “Marketing Campaign” categories at MarCom Awards


With events held during the new year under the name “A Happy Year in Akmerkez”:

  • Gold Award in both Event and Marketing Plan categories at Hermes Awards
  • 4 Awards, including 3 Gold and 1 Platinum, in the categories of “Strategic Communication”, “Media Relations”, “Public Relations”, and “Marketing Special Events” at MarCom Awards


With the “Spoiling Services of Akmerkez” project, which adds a different dimension to guest relations among shopping malls:

  • Bronze Award for Brand Experience of The Year at Stevie Awards


Akmerkez was the recipient of a total of 8 distinguished international awards in 2019.

  • 4 Platinum Awards at MarCom Awards for ‘Social Participation’, ‘Community Participation’, ‘Communication Plan’ and ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’
  • 2 Silver and 1 Bronze Awards in three different categories for “Communication and PR Campaign of The Year” at Stevie Awards
  • Silver Award in the Corporate Social Responsibility category at the Solal Marketing Awards


Akmerkez was the recipient of a total of 18 distinguished international awards in 2016.

YLZ (Young Lions Zone): With YLZ, the meeting, working and recreational area specially designed for the youth and young professionals aged 18-39:


  • The Golden Globe Award in the “New Service Launch” category at the Golden World Awards, organized by International Public Relations Association (IPRA) and considered the most prestigious public relations awards in the world,
  • Gold Award in “Marketing Plan” and “PR Communication” categories at Hermes Creative Awards,
  • Bronze Award in “Brand Repositioning and Brand Renovation of The Year” at Stevie Awards,
  • Gold Award in the “Best Marketing Campaign” and “Public Relations/ Communication” categories at Marcom Awards,


Triangular Terrace: By offering its guests the pleasure of spending time outdoors in the middle of the city on a green terrace with the Triangular Terrace project:


  • 2 awards in Gold category at Hermes Awards
  • Platinum Award at Marcom Awards
  • 2 Gold Awards in “Communication/Marketing Plan” and “Public Relations” categories at At Hermes Creative Awards
  • Gold Award in the “Marketing Campaign of The Year " category at Stevie Awards


GQ Men of The Year: The Turkish branch of the GQ Men of the Year competition, which GQ Magazine has been holding around the world for 20 years, was sponsored by Akmerkez in December 2015. As the main sponsor of the night in 2015, where celebrities noted for their achievements and style are awarded, Akmerkez received:

  • 3 awards in Platinum category at Hermes Awards,
  • Awards in “Special Event”, “PR Program of The Year”, “Media Reflection” and other categories at Marcom Awards
  • Gold in the “Communication & PR Campaign of The Year” category and Silver in the “Brand Experience of The Year” category at Stevie Awards